Triplet dating site

Bernadette and Chris separated two years ago and are now waiting for their divorce.

Picking over the wreckage of their marriage, they are certain where it all went wrong - with the arrival of their babies. Professor Steve Mc Kay, of Birmingham University's School of Social Policy, found that 28 per cent of multiple-birth (twins or triplets) families separated, compared with 24 per cent of those with single children.

'I'd taken the babies, in their triple buggy, for the weekly shop and was walking home,' says Bernadette, 35, of Swindon, Wiltshire. I was totally helpless and my husband, Chris, had to leave work early and collect us.

They both suffer from relationship troubles; Cooper has problems meeting women because he says that he does not know how to socialize with people, so instead of dating face-to-face, Cooper prefers internet dating.

These online relationships almost never work out and he is always left humiliated.

They are the second set of triplets to be featured in the United States edition of Playboy, after "The Trio from Rio, The Amazing Brazilian Triplets" who were featured in the November 1993 issue.

The Dahm sisters were featured in several issues of Playboy, but appeared on only one cover, that of Playboy Australia for June 1999.

The proportion of women with a multiple pregnancy who have their fetuses labelled using an ultrasound scan and recorded between 11 weeks 0 days and 13 weeks 6 days.

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