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Love lost, love found, happiness, joy, all the emotions and everyday life experiences. All Hip Twitter is very popular and the term “Tweet” has an entirely new meaning to it. I was here first, and they took everything that I brought to the table. My father gave me that nickname, so no way am I changing that at all. I wish I had a camera with me the whole time, so you guys would know.

I brought the bird, the name and I will never change. All Hip It was rumored that you sued them or tried to take them to court.

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Instead, she decided to work with her mother and thus, earn some money which can then be used to visit America.

So after the two’s WHIRLWIND ROMANCE, Missy dumped Keri.

The insider added, “Keri was broken up [about the breakup.” Dang Missy .

Nowadays, her name may mean more to social media-whoring teens but southern hummingbird Tweet continuously creates music that catapults music lovers to the days when R&B and pop weren’t kissing cousins.

Her soulful sounds and calm presence embody one thing: nostalgia.

Media Takeout reported on Wednesday that an insider source said Elliott's relationship with the budding singer is more than professional-- they have been dating for five year and wed "earlier this year." In photos published on The YBF, Elliott and Sharaya are shopping with costume designer Patricia Field near her New York City boutique. She wrote and produced Fantasia's hit summer single which features guest vocals from Kelly Rowland.

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