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As usual, almost everyone who owns a PC or laptop today holds a precious collection of media files.

The movies could be a collection downloaded from the internet, ripped off a DVD/Blu-ray or acquired from a friend.

Metadata is really the function of a plugin, instead.Unlike an MP3 file, a movie data base needs additional files for its identity.What most movie collections lack is a proper database of meta tags such as genre, rating, year etc., that can help you decide on watching your favourite movie.I know in your webinars you say that Google uses your meta description tag about 90% of the time in its search results.Assuming that they do use our meta description tag, do you know how long, approximately, it will take for our new meta description tags to appear in Google’s search results? Of course, as always, the answer is “it depends.” Google does not update all sites at the same pace.So by updating your site frequently (e.g., blogging, posting press releases, posting new content, building inbound links), you can “train” it to update more frequently.

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