Updating older airport extremme


It's been two years since the Air Port Extreme was last revised, and it's undergone some major changes - the flat box style, cribbed from Apple's Mac mini and measuring 6.5 inches on a side, is gone, and replaced with a smaller but taller cuboid design - 3.85 inches on a side and 6.6 inches tall.

It's also about half a pound heavier, weighing in at 2.08 pounds.

Use Air Port Utility to set up and manage your Wi-Fi network and Air Port base stations, including Air Port Express, Air Port Extreme, and Time Capsule.

The initial offering consisted of an optional expansion card for Apple's new line of i Book notebooks and an Air Port Base Station.

The Air Port card (a repackaged Lucent ORi NOCO Gold Card PC Card adapter) was later added as an option for almost all of Apple's product line, including Power Books, e Macs, i Macs, and Power Macs.

One of the major advantages of staying within the Apple Ecosystem is that everything “just works”, and that certainly applies to the Airport Extreme Base Station and the Airport Utility that comes with every Mac.

But while we all think about when we want to upgrade our computers and our phones, we tend to let the network hardware that sits on our shelf or in our closets grow old, and because they continue to work, they must be performing properly.

The Air Port Extreme name was originally intended to signify the addition of the 802.11g protocol to these products.

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