Updating passport information

One option in emergency situations is to use a professional courier service to expedite a name change.There are three possible applications forms that can be used to change the name in a passport. There is no "Update Documents" option on the left side.And the 'Change Profile' link only lets me edit contact info, and nothing else.

The application and supporting documents that you will submit depend on a couple of factors so read carefully to make sure you are submitting the correct ones.You must notify us of a change in address if you have an undecided application for a visa with us and you intend to change your residential address for 14 days or more.You should advise us of a change of address while you hold a visa to assist us to contact you if required.Will or Billy rather than William) but if you have not formally registered your preferred name, your passport will show your name in exactly the same format as your birth or citizenship certificate.To ensure the integrity and security of your identity, you must present original documentation supporting every name change since birth or the acquisition of Australian citizenship.To do so, you must complete a full passport application form and present original documents to support your identity and citizenship, as well as evidence that links all of your name changes.

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