Validating multiple fields in flex

Or encode the passwords with an encryption and when the passwords typed are matched they are encrypted then matched with the good passwords that are encrypted also, for this way you should use a one way encryption like md5 or SHA so its harder to decode the encoded passes.But if your looking for a secure login Perl, PHP, asp are langs to look into.The exact type of data each system chooses to store differs between systems.Locale - In the context of this document, locale refers to the language, script, and region for which an operating system has a collection of locale data as described above. In the context of this specification, locale IDs use the syntax defined in Unicode Technical Standard #35, Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML).Net page is rendered in the browser the name of the control has been converted to its HTML equivalent so to access the name of the control in ASP. By default j Query displays an error message once the validation field is something so it's recommended to customize the default error message to minimize the confusion.We need to use the following syntax to display the custom validation message based on the control. The complete code will be like: If we run the preceding code the output will be like.

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In simple form, the format is like this: Actually when the ASP.

Introduction In this example we will explain the basics and widely used j Query validation in ASP. Using a library to do form validations can save much of your development time.

The j Query Form validation library is the most popular validation library and I think one of the easiest libraries to use in web forms.

Validator - A software component that ensures that an input string meets the format and criteria specified by the Validator type and set of properties.

Examples include Validators for numbers, currency amounts and date time strings.

In this section,you will learn how to validate the textfield by allowing only numbers to enter.

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