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Steve Scalise Readmitted Into Intensive Care • 4 Children, 1 Man Found Stabbed to Death in Home, Mother in Custody • Hamburg Police Brace for Major Protest Before G20 Meeting • Putin & Trump to Meet in Germany During G20 Meeting • Relationship Between US & China Under Stress Over North Korea • Trump Administration Considering Sanctions on Chinese Companies to Punish North Korea • President Trump Tells Russia to Stop Fomenting Unrest in the World • LISTEN: John Gray, Oprah, and the Call for Fair-Minded Americans to Recognize and Stand Against Intolerance (The Torch Leadership Foundation's Cross in Culture Podcast #26 with Daniel Whyte III) • A Diverse Image: Descendants of the Founding Fathers Unite 241 Years Later to Re-create Iconic Painting • LISTEN: Church Guidelines for Prophesying, Praying, and Speaking in Tongues, Part 3 (Praying Through the Bible #252 with Daniel Whyte III) • Homegoing Services for Bishop Frank Summerfield to Take Place Sunday, July 9th • LISTEN: The Problem of Death in Your Life, Part 5 (God's Solutions for Today's Problems #40 with Daniel Whyte III) • Author Brian Mac Laren Tells Baptists They Shouldn't be Surprised by Rise of Alt-Right Extremists: 'We Weren't So Great Before 1991' • LISTEN: Be Honest (The Brother's Keeper #60 with Daniel Whyte III) • New York City Police Officer Dies After Being Shot in the Head in 'Unprovoked Attack' • U. No, Writes SBC President Steve Gaines • LISTEN: The Literal View of Hell, Part 5 (Theology of Eternal Damnation in Hell #15 with Daniel Whyte III) • Major League Baseball Showcase Game Set for London's Hyde Park • LISTEN: Preparing the Boat: Developing the Strategy, Part 4 (Strategic Christian Leadership #40 with Daniel Whyte III) • Seattle Man Shoots & Kills Wife While in Uber Car • LISTEN: U. Christian groups urge government to act against persecution in Sudan (International Christian Herald, 07/04/17) • Arizona Refuses to Provide Voter Registration Information to Trump Administration • Prosecutors Ask Judge to Issue Gag Order for Martin Shkreli • Gov. sues jail • LISTEN: Prayer and the House of God, Part 2 (The Prayer Motivator Devotional #726 with Daniel Whyte III) • Trump Says "The West Will Never, Ever be Broken" • California Gets Closer to Creating Sanctuary State • NASA Scientists Say Sun is Heading Towards a 'Solar Minimum' • Volvo to Begin Making Electric Cars Only in 2019 • European Parliament Advises EU to Freeze Membership Talks With Turkey • European Union Reaffirm Policy to Keep Migrants From Being Smuggled From Libya to Europe Despite Criticism From Human Rights Groups • UK Police Say Others Involved in Manchester Concert Attack May be at Large • Woman Suspected of Driving Car Into Salt Lake City Crowd Arrested • Oregon Senate Approves Measure Requiring Insurance Companies to Cover Abortions • Rex Tillerson Could be Questioned in Exxon Mobil Investigation • Virginia to Carry Out Next Executions Behind Closed Doors • Hobby Lobby to Pay M Federal Fine for Smuggling Middle Eastern Artefacts • Illinois House Set to Vote on Overriding Governor's Vetoes of Budget • Wounded Republican Rep. Korea Successfully Launches Missile That Can Hit Alaska • LISTEN: Whyte House Family Devotions: A Prayer for the Family, the Church, the Nation and the World #45 (Wednesday, July 5, 2017) • Barna Survey: Most Evangelicals Say Religious Freedom Is What ‘Makes America Great’ • July 4th Messages from Notable Christians In American Public Life • Is It a Misapplication of Scripture for Pastors to Use 2 Chronicles to Call American Christians to Repent?

12/22/2016 Not How I Imagined It GUEST HOST: ROBERT SEAN LEONARD “Christmas Freud,” by David Rakoff, performed by Jon Glaser “Violets,” by Edna O’Brien, performed by Fionnula Flanagan “Homecoming,” by William Maxwell, performed by Keir Dullea “Christmas in Qatar,” by Calvin Trillin, performed by Trillin 12/15/2016 In an Instant GUEST HOST: JANE KACZMAREK 9/15/2016 Lost and Found GUEST HOST: DAVID SEDARIS “Where are You Going, Where Have You Been?

10 things to Know for Thursday | A film claims to solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart's fate | Russia's Putin, North Korea to challenge Trump overseas | North Korean missile advances put new stress on US defenses | Qatar Airways joins Gulf carriers off US laptop ban list | Florida man hid wife's body in freezer for eight years, family loses condo | Steve Scalise's condition worsens | Qatar Airways says joins major Middle East carriers in lifting of U. laptop ban | Scalise back in intensive care, condition listed as 'serious' | U. Coli Outbreak in Utah • Venus Williams Breaks Down in Tears & Leaves Wimbledon Press Conference After Being Asked About Deadly Car Crash • Pastor John Gray Gives Clarification on Social Media After Receiving Criticism From Some Christians For What he Said During “Girl Talk” Session at Mega Fest • Pastor Tony Evans Releasing New Book In ‘Kingdom’ Series, “Kingdom Disciples”, on Tomorrow, July 4th • WATCH: Oldest Black Church In Jefferson County, Alabama Celebrates 160 Years • Vatican's Pediatric Hospital Put Children at Risk as it Aimed at Profits • LISTEN: How Does God Work in the World?

Chris Christie Signs Budget Bill Ending Government Shutdown • US-Backed Syrian Forces Breach Wall Around Raqqa's Old City • LISTEN: ISIS Using Christians as Sex Slaves 7 Human Shields in Marawi (International Christian Herald 7/3/17) • What Trump & Putin May Discuss in Upcoming Meeting • Vatican's Children's Hospital to Release Annual Report After AP Investigation • LISTEN: 2 Street Preachers Fined for Sermons Win Appeals (International Christian Herald 07/02/17) • North Korea Says It Successfully Tested First ICBM • Alveda King's 'Dream and Prayer' for America On the 4th of July • LISTEN: Why I Still Thank God for America (Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International) • LISTEN: Whyte House Family Devotions: A Prayer for the Family, the Church, the Nation and the World #44 (Tuesday, July 4, 2017) • North Korea Launches Missile that Lands Within Japanese Waters • LISTEN: Bishop Frank Summerfield Dead at 67 (UCNN 07/03/17) • Cross Point Church in Nashville Announces That Kevin Queen, Pastor of 12Stone Church, Will Replace Founding Pastor Pete Wilson • Shane Idleman Gives 3 Ways Christians Can Help Save America • President Trump & Pope Francis Express Support & Offer Help for Sick Baby Charlie Gard • Quarters of Thomas Jefferson's Slave Mistress Sally Hemings Uncovered at Monticello • Nebraska State Trooper Smashes Drunk Driver in the Head With Butt of Rifle After Car Chase • Tragic: 2 Children Dead From E.

O’Malley, performed by Joan Allen “The Great Silence,” by Ted Chiang, performed by Elizabeth Rodriguez 1/19/2017 Guilty Consciences GUEST HOST: DAVID SEDARIS “Juniper Tree,” by Lorrie Moore, performed by Jill Eikenberry “The Possibility of Evil,” by Shirley Jackson, performed by Dana Ivey 1/12/2017 Against the Odds GUEST HOST: JANE KACZMAREK “At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners,” by Lauren Groff, performed by Amy Ryan “How To Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America: A Remembrance,”by Kiese Laymon, performed by Brandon J.

Dirden 1/5/2017 New Beginnings GUEST HOST: CYNTHIA NIXON “Waiting for the Miracle,” by Lara Vapnyar, performed by David Costabile “Beyond Lies the Wub,” by Philip K.

In Twilight, Bella moves to her father's home in Forks, Washington, meets the mysterious Cullen family, and falls in love with Edward Cullen.

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