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Even though catching a cold or flu is avoidable most of the time, the majority of people out there will tell you sick days are just part of being human.

In reality, with the knowledge available to us today we should be getting sick far less often, but with the stress and pressure of modern society we’re getting sick seasonally as if it’s the trendy thing to do!

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Part of the reason we catch colds & flus is because our immune system is down (duh).

But did you know that stress has a negative impact on the immune system to? When you’re stressed, unhappy hormones are triggered to course through your system and throw you out of commission.

La biblioteca è il luogo usato per conservare e consultare i libri.

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Il libro, usato per acquisire informazioni o anche per divertimento, è il veicolo più diffuso del sapere.Nella biblioteconomia e scienza dell'informazione un libro è detto monografia, per distinguerlo dai periodici come riviste, bollettini o giornali.Un negozio che vende libri è detto libreria, termine che in italiano indica anche il mobile usato per contenere i libri.A love vintage skills she loves to work on increasing her knowledge in homesteading, canning, yarn arts and so much more.She is also a homeschool mom with nearly 2 decades for homeschooling experience.Un'evoluzione identica ha subìto la parola greca βιβλίον (biblìon): si veda l'etimologia del termine biblioteca.

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