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This auction includes: Garnet, Citrine, Prasiolite, and Amethyst Semi-Precious Gemstones, Barbara Bixby Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Carved Carnelian Turquoise Statement Ring, Kennedy Silver Coins, Eisenhower Gold-Plated One Dollar Coins, Eisenhower One Dollar Coins, US & Foreign Coin Lots, Unsearched Lincoln Wheat Penny Rolls, US Commemorative Coins, Zuni Native American & Native American Sterling Rings, Sterling Silver Necklaces, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Quartz Gemstone Bead Bracelets, New High-End Fashion Jewelry, Schutz Women's Calpados Fechado Salto Mudio Round Toe Suede & Leather Shoes, Longaberger Handwoven Baskets, Glassware Sets, Floor Registers, Stamps, Wetline Professional Solid Hair Straightening Irons Limited Edition, Party Decoration Supplies, Home & Garden Supplies, Asian Collectible Art, Collectibles, Mini Portable Speakers, Electronics Accessories, Anti-Gravity Ball Point Pens, Touchscreen Stylus Pens, and Much More".

In this auction you'll find items like, A Huge Robinson Ransbottom 20gl Crock, Just About Any Kind of Collectible Drinking Glass You Could Think of, Comics, Totes Full of Unopened Hot Wheels Cars, A Vintage Maytag Gyratator Washer, Carnival Glass in Just About Every Color, Mason Jars of All Kinds, Disney's and Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls, Vintage and Modern Christmas Items, Records, A Beautiful One Piece Antique Baroque Style Cabinet in Walnut Marked by Empire Furniture Co.

Goebel, Royal Doulton, Vinyl records, Household items, Childs metal International peddle tractor, Coins, Gold, Silver, Diamonds along with some Vintage Jewelry, Compacts, Buttons, Linens and many more collectibles up for bidding in this collection.

Find a Consultant and Date your Party We believe you should get more out of dating.

That’s why we make dating (AKA scheduling) a party with a Tupperware Consultant so awesomely rewarding. We know there are tons of great recipes online, but that blogger’s not going to come over to your house and show you how to make it like your Tupperware Consultant can. Once you see how much your Consultant loves partying for a living, you may even want to take it to the next level and start your own Tupperware business. This is the Tupperware spending credit you earn from your party’s total sales.

Large knife/weapon collection, great stamp collection dating back to the late 1800's, Clinton/Gore 1997 inauguration invitation, straight razors, resetting target, and other great items for the men also.

Lots of Tupperware, yard decor, trash cans, large dog crate, child's ride on Chevy Bel-air toy car, & much more. Please bring your small / extra-small boxes & packing paper to donate (small-shipping & shoe-box sizes work great.) I have lots of large boxes, if you need them.

Earn them with qualifying party sales and by having two friends date and hold their own Tupperware parties.

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