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In India, rapid urbanisation has led to increase in the number of people living in slums.The slums are usually characterised by over crowding, lack of infrastructure and low levels of socio economic status."Some people are using this platform to disseminate negative, harmful or illegal information to the public, seriously damaging the internet system and hurting the public interest," according to a report on state-owned China News Service, alleging the messaging service was "causing dissatisfaction among internet users".The crackdown would focus on accounts sending information with the ability to "communicate [widely] and mobilise society", the report said.

The police are used to treating hijras as outcasts with no rights.Similar apps including Tango and Line are still available in the country.The service had been banned because it failed to “comply with regulations”, an official told local news services.Video and voice calling allows people to call over the internet rather than phone networks, avoiding the expense that can often come with calling outside of the country or for extended times.Internet calling over Whats App and Viber were already blocked.It threatened that any other app that fails to comply with those regulations will also be banned.

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