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Think Facebook, Whats App, Instagram, Skype and the Tinder dating app wrapped into one.

We Chat was launched in January 2011 and has grown exponentially in China in the absence of major competitors (Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, with its own messenger app, is blocked by the Great Firewall, as is Twitter). launched its official We Chat account last week, days before Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon began his visit to China on Tuesday.

Users can search for contacts via a tag entry, as well as switch to the first unread message in Chats with one tap.

Other features include a personalized photo stream called Moments, a sticker gallery, games and TRUSTe online privacy management certification.

The app saves your chat history so that you can search it any time.We Chat has also been optimized for i Pad, including text size options and improved compatibility. We’ve reimagined your contact page, bringing all of your desired modes of communication into one, easily accessible location for convenience. But soon you might be getting familiar with another, especially if you live in Asia: We Chat. There are already plenty of mobile-messaging systems you can use to keep in touch with family and friends.The men are asked to make a deposit, usually by remittance to a foreign account, for a hook-up online or in person. Victims send money through Money Online (MOL), an e-payment gateway for online goods and services.

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