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For the rest of the season, West did not speak to the media at all. Two months before the arrest, he’d married his college sweetheart.A month after the motorcycle incident, they were divorced. But despite these ups and downs, West played well, and the Cavs went into the playoffs with the NBA’s best record.But now the clinical label offered, or seemed to offer, an explanation for an outlandish story.At the Cleveland Cavaliers’ media day, West said that people would eventually understand that the highway arrest was “not as big as some are making it.” But he was advised by his lawyer not to talk about what happened until after the trial, which was postponed until the following July.Delonte West was as well known outside of Cleveland as Jamario Moon or Anthony Parker, but then he was rumored to do the unthinkable.

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The police later reported that the shotgun was in a guitar case.Delonte West, the mercurial basketball player who once played alongside Le Bron James, took shots at his former teammate via Instagram in recent days.West, who last played in the NBA’s D-Leauge, apparently has bad blood with the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and even placed James’ mother in the path of the jab., citing West’s diagnosis the year before with what had been described in the press as a mood disorder.That diagnosis had been fairly minor news, and West had gone on to have his best NBA season to date.Delonte never spoke publicly about the allegation, and it seems far-fetched—but after seeing the other fuckery on this list, would you put it past dude?

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