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It’s a very shallow way of meeting people and your personality won’t get you anywhere here.However, with a member base of over fifty million users, it definitely deserves a shot.Questions not only about the basic mechanics of one’s body, but also about emotions and sex. I’m not even going to touch on the consent issue I feel was betrayed here since I don’t have enough info to really know what happened, but I do wonder if she lives in an area where abortion isn’t an option. This question gets me particularly angry because this kid already has a child and it’s obvious that no one thought to help her have a basic understanding of her body. I’m angry not just because she has a baby and therefore had a whole host of risks and issues surrounding pregnancy and delivery, but because they then put her on Depo and didn’t think to educate her on the risks and benefits of the drug. Secondly, from what I’ve read saline abortions are dangerous and rarely performed. This girl sounds perfectly reasonable and intelligent. They shouldn’t just be teaching the mechanics, they should be giving kids the tools they need to make informed sexuality decisions, and that should cover mental health as well. She could have a UTI, kidney stones, an STD or something else. Why aren’t girls being taught about this most basic of menstruation tools? Kids, and especially girls, often don’t realize that they should to have sex before they have sex.Some of them are humorous, most are heartbreaking, and all of them show a serious lack of knowledge about sexual health. Not only is this kid being let down by a lack of sex ed at school, but she can’t even turn to her parents (ya know, the folks conservatives say be teaching sex ed) for help. “Force a period” sounds uncomfortably close to coat hanger territory, and no one should ever feel that desperate. Can you get pregnant from being fingers on your period? The most frustrating part is that even when I Googled saline abortions to try to find more info, I was inundated with anti-choice sites giving out false information. She’s mindful about the potential risks of having sex before she’s ready, and eager to learn more about her birth control options. And all of this should have been explained in sex ed, so she would know to head to a doctor when this type of thing happens. Male cousin coming to baby sit and I’m on my period. This “male cousin” obviously makes her feel uncomfortable, and the line about bringing two friends sounds ominous to me. I’m not sure what this questioner thinks will happen if Aunt Flow does decide to visit in transit. This might seem kind of humorous at first, but this child’s lack of knowledge is very real, and that will only become more of a problem as she grows. First of all, I haven’t heard the term “cherry popped” in years and I didn’t know people still used it. It’s not some expectation they have to meet, it’s a basic human activity that should be fun and pleasurable if they chose to do it.

There are literally hundreds of sex and pregnancy questions, presumably written by teens, that show just how dismal the state of sexual education is. I seriously doubt this is a legitimate question about her “friend,” first of all. And may I add that I think even the existing sex ed programs fall short when it comes to talking about the deeper issues surrounding sex. There are a number of explanations for this woman’s issue. Desire is the most basic of basics when it comes to sex. If more courses did, I think it would be a decent blow to rape culture.

This is good for anyone looking for extreme privacy. If you’re in a densely populated city, this can be a valuable app to have in your pocket when looking for casual fun.

Once the hour is up, your profile is not found in the search results. This also means that you won’t run into any inactive profiles which is a huge plus. Less densely populated cities unfortunately lack the user base to make it truly effective. Whiplr If you’re into the kinky stuff, this is a great app. But it’s a great niche site for anyone who’s into the ALT lifestyle.

The community is awesome and very friendly towards new members. I can’t say much more about this app as the time I spent here was very limited.

Now all these stupid apps require you to give them all this fricking backup info.

With the recent introduction of a free blogging platform, Quora’s mission remains largely the same, but the site’s focus is clearly expanding.“As we grow, we will be able to provide larger and larger audiences to writers, cover more and more topics, and have greater and greater impact on the world,” according to D’Angelo.

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