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However she rebuffed Kyle's interest as she had met someone off the show.

She admits she did consider taking things further with the bartender.'I did have a few thoughts about a future with him — but it wasn’t anything really serious.

“It’s the thought of Trump being the Republican nominee,” Ray said with a liberally wry laugh when we talked during a brief break in the Indigo’s current tour.

The pair that makes up the now-legendary-pretty-much-the-most-perfect-female-singer-songwriter-duo-of-all-time is still together, still making great music, still crafting those songs that take you elatedly to a familiar place, or maybe one you’ve never been to, with their patented soaring harmonies amidst new and old sounds cascading beautifully around them.

Blonde beauty and vet Bek, told au the she now has a new boyfriend, and while Kyle was keen to pursue a relationship she feels they 'just work out better as friends.' 'I have a boyfriend that's not Kyle and that happened straight after we left My Kitchen Rules,' Bek said.'There was a spark there but we just work out better as friends,' she said about hunky bartender Kyle.

Bek told the publication that although it came across that she was infatuated with Kyle on television, it was opposite in real life.

It comes after Tim's team mate Kyle kissed love interest Bek on screen, thrilling fans with their sizzling chemistry.

However Bek recently confirmed that the pair aren't dating, and are just friends.

"I know Emily's interested in using some electronic, like, loops, beats, but not in a heavy way -- I think more in a pop kind of way.

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