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They're all great, but ‘Anneliese’ was so fun and uptempo that I gravitated towards that immediately." Demonic possession and a killer guitar solo make for a great second single. In a statement today, Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman revealed the tragic news that his mother has passed away.He is best known as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the American rock band Fall Out Boy, as well as the lead and rhythm guitarist for heavy metal supergroup The Damned Things.Fall Out Boy began as Trohman and Pete Wentz's side project from the hardcore punk scene they were involved with, and the band has scored three number one albums on the US Billboard 200.

Trust us, angry fans on Twitter chastising the guitarist for denying the reunion was the last thing on his mind.

At one point during the break, I sent something to Patrick and we worked on it for a minute. I wasn't ready to do this, but they had been doing it. So I gathered this is how it went: Patrick called Andy; Andy is pretty game. Then Patrick called me, to the point where afterward, my throat hurt from talking too long, too loud and too much.

But we had talked the prior day, sort of skirting around Fall Out Boy stuff, skirting around writing things together and getting creative.

In late-September of 2014 my mother started showing signs of a serious illness related to a condition she was treated for 30 years ago.

After some tests my mother was diagnosed with what is known as a glioblastoma multiforme.

His family is Jewish, although he noted to JVibe, "I think we were more Jewish culturally than we were religiously because after my brother's bar mitzvah, we stopped going to synagogue entirely." Trohman and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz attended New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, and Trohman played bass with Wentz in a band called Arma Angelus.

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