Who is karen mok dating


Serravalle is particularly popular with Chinese shoppers, where sales have increased by 92% year on year.

As part of Mc Arthur Glen’s on-going collaboration with Universal Music Limited, Mc Arthur Glen is one of the main sponsors of the Italian leg of Karen Mok’s 2016 world tour where she is appearing in front of more than 2,800 fans for one night at the Teatro Ciak Linear on 1 May in Milan.

Karen Mok has released an impressive16 albums to date and was the first female artist from Hong Kong ever to win Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Melody Award (equivalent to the Grammy Award).

A trend setter in the entertainment industry Karen Mok was the first major recording artist in Greater China to release a digital album on China Mobile as well as the first Chinese artist to attain a worldwide release on i Tunes.

Effortlessly blending fashion with music, coupled with the unique effects, Karen Mok will be performing an extensive list of songs.

Get high and bubbly with songs like “Diva” and “Faremewell” and appreciate Karen Mok’s rich and sensual voice as she belts out ballads such “Departures” and “Precious”.

After 15 hit Cantonese and Mandarin albums, she has recorded her first English-language album, , a collection of jazz standards given a Chinese twist.

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