Who is reena hammer dating

He looked good for his public appearances in Moscow – he looked sober-ish and healthy-ish.I’m not going to flat out declare that he’s sober or healthy, because… Whatever is going on with him, he looks like he’s functioning.The Irish actor, 32, is set to check into a rehab facility on his return to London from the U. It comes just days after he allegedly screamed abuse at airport staff when they banned him from getting on a plane because he was drunk.He was said to be guzzling vodkas at 7am in the VIP lounge at New York's JFK Airport where he was due to get on a flight to Los Angeles last week.'And when you look harder at exactly what it is that is getting in your way, you quite often find that it's yourself.' So is it the drink talking, or just the self-help manuals?With Rhys Meyers it's impossible to tell because he has form for both.One minute he is talking about his birthday - he's just turned 33 - and the next, he's waxing lyrical about, erm, butterflies.

Last month, he stepped out with a model named Victoria Keon-Cohen (the dark-haired girl in the header photo), and now the Mail is saying it’s for real: Stardom has brought highs and shocking lows for actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers.He’s got a new TV show that will debut next year on network television, so we’ll see.In those previous photos, I noted that Jonathan looked especially friendly with his costar Natalia Vodianova, and while I didn’t think anything was going on between them (Natalia has a thing for billionaires and ONLY billionaires), I did wonder if JRM was done with his girlfriend of many years, Reena Hammer.His first stint in alcohol rehab was in California in 2007, which he entered quietly after a reported 'gruelling work schedule' - Hollywood-speak for losing the plot.He had admitted to a friend that he needed help to beat his drink problem.United Airlines staff barred him from boarding, which resulted in the actor launching a foul-mouthed tirade, according to reports.

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