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A Canadian famous journalist and columnist Andrew Coyne has an estimated net worth of million dollars approximately and also gets over 0 thousand of dollars as a salary.Distributor: Rockstone Releasing Director: Joseph A. A native of Los Angeles, Jonathan is far from a new comer and spoke about what keeps him focused in this business, which he has grown to love. They ended up calling and saying they wanted me to come in for another role. When you read scripts all day you tend to forget what’s what. There were some people that I knew, who were actually friends of mine that I’ve worked with before. It was funny and the fact that some recognizable faces and friends were a part of the film helped. I admire Makita’s hustle and how she got that done. Am I happy to be in this black film and it’s going to be put into theaters? Wesley Jonathan: Doing it for so long, I guess it takes a toll on you as a person, the spirit and the soul. A word to describe me in this business is longevity. Producer: Mekita Faiye Cast: Wesley Jonathan, Chico Benymon, Mekita Faiye, Leonard Armond Robinson, Vanessa Simmons, Holly Robinson Peete, Nick Chinlund Genre: Comedy MPAA Rating: PG-13 Official Website: Out Why Wesley Jonathan Is TOO COOL! Jonathan portrays the womanizing Too Cool in “Speed-dating” which was released in limited theaters October 1st. Many months later, after I had completely forgotten about this movie, I got a call from my agency saying do you remember the movie “Speed-Dating”? So how was it being able to reunite with people you’ve worked with before and working with the cast of Speed-dating in specific? It’s always fun when you know peoples work, you know their style and you know them. Were there any similarities you discovered between yourself and your character Too Cool? You know, you’re young and love women but there’s a fine line between Too Cool and me. Are you happy to hear that the film is going to hit theaters instead of going straight to DVD? I went to the advance screening of Speed-Dating at ICE Theaters Chatham 14 Tuesday night and decided on a whim to participate in the speed dating game.

Speed-Dating is a high-energy romantic comedy that follows three bachelors, Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan – Roll Bounce), Dog (Chico Benymon – Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story) and Beaver (Leonard Robinson – TV’s Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out) that devise the ultimate scheme to get women and money.

He joined ' Financial Post' later began working the editorial board of ' The Globe and Mail'.

He was named national editor of "Maclean's" in October 2007.

, three buddies engage in that very analog hookup practice in which singles are paired up according to assigned numbers and have a small amount of time to lure their potential mates into bed.

Not that Too Cool (the very hot Wesley Jonathan), Dog (Chico Benymon), and Beaver (Leonard Robinson) are Luddites nostalgic for pre-Craigslist modes of cruising, or that straight folk get the sexual technology memo rather late in the game.

When it comes to the opposite sex, it’s about the “chase” and the “finish line,” until they meet their grand prize women.

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