Wife killed after updating facebook

This actually gives me a lot of comfort and so now Im on the fence.

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Instead of the ring of a telephone, these days its just as likely to be the ping of an email or text message (or even a tweet) that conveys news of a death.The post reads:"This is why.""Because having lost my partner in a horrible pedestrian accident this month I had to ask policemen if I was 'allowed' to write Spouse on incident reports.I had to cross out boxes for husband on the death certificate and boxes for father on our new baby's birth certificate (both on the same day).I had to yell out in a busy, crazy emergency room 'She is my wife, I know it's not legal but she is my wife!'""Because we were never political, we just did our thing, did our life our way and tried to live by example to shift peoples hearts rather than pushing agendas.New times also mean new approaches to funerals and memorials, where mourning and grief over a death are likely to be counterbalanced by the celebrating of a life.

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